Goitrogens? What are Goitrogens?

In the last post, Hypothyroid Symptoms: Cold Feet, I mentioned that I was heading toward Hypothyroidism and wanted to see if I could handle it with a natural approach.

What are Goitrogens, you ask?

Goitrogen? What’s a goitrogen? It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Goitrogens are substances that suppress thyroid function by blocking iodine uptake which can lead to hypothyroidism or enlargement of the thyroid gland. Calcium, magnesium, fluoride and manganese are minerals that can interfere with the body’s absorption of iodine.

Raw Vegetables Contain Goitrogens!

Raw vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, mustard and lima beans are some foods in which goitrogens are present. Cooking partially inactivates the interfering chemical, known medically as a goitrogen. In the case of plant foods, goitrogens usually become inactive when you cook the vegetables. For a while, I cooked all of my vegetables and at one point, I started eating kelp noodles, because sea vegetables have iodine.

Other Goitrogenic Foods

Broccolini, Mustard, rape seed (Canola Oil), Beets, Soy, Pine nuts, Peanuts, Almonds, Millet, Peaches, Flaxseed, Radishes, Spinach, Strawberries, Legumes, Beans, Carrots, Turnips, Collards, Clover, Alfalfa, Cassava. These foods are not supposed to be eaten raw either. It seems that vegetarians and those who consume a raw food diet need to be careful with goitrogen foods as it is also believed that consuming these foods in great quantities may have the potential to decrease proper thyroid function.

Iodine Absorption

Another way to see if you might have low thyroid is to get a bottle USP tincture of iodine, and paint a 2 inch circle of it, on your inner arm. If the body absorbs it, in less than two hours ( meaning it has disappeared ) it is possible you have low thyroid. The absorption rate, is said to be a decent indication of your body’s need for iodine, according to all reports. I never did this, but it’s interesting, isn’t it?

What? No Peanut Butter?

It’s recommended that if you eat peanut butter, to stop and switch to other nuts butters, like almond, macadamia nut and cashew. Why not walnut butter? Walnuts also contain goitrogens.

List Of Food You Can Eat

Here’s a list of the foods you CAN eat.  Tyrosine supports thyroid function and is available in many foods foods and the foods highest in tyrosine.

Lowered My TSH with Healthy Nutrition and NO Meds!

To be honest, I did cook all of my vegetables…for a while. I recently got tested again and to my surprise my TSH was down from 4.3 to 1.2. What a shock! The Naturopath asked what I did to make my number come down? I said it must have been giving up the microwave, eliminating soy, and adding a little sea salt to my diet. I really wasn’t sure what I did. All I know is I took NO medication, and now have no sign of hypothyroidism. Also, I do not have cold feet on a daily basis. I remember her last comment was “The Power of Nutrition”! Amen to that!

Do you suffer from Hypothyroidism? Were you able to control it with diet or do you take medication? Whatever you’ve done to fix the issue, please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Goitrogens?  What are Goitrogens?

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4 thoughts on “Goitrogens? What are Goitrogens?

  1. What type of nut butter did you eat when you were able to get your numbers down? I keep reading that almond and cashews are goitrigens. I also read that in peanut butter the nuts are roasted so it is safe to eat. Other sites said the risk is lowered because of the high heat used when roasting the peanuts to make peanut butter. A book I bought recommends eating pumpkin seeds and online sites are stating they are goitrigenic. I love my peanut butter and have not been able to decide due to conflicting information and cost. Glad for you that you were able to get your numbers back to normal. I am not saying I agree with everything I have read and am not sure what to believe. Isnt there any concensus or a reputable site to acquire information on goitrigens? I do not have a naturpathic doctor and cannot afford one. My health food store is not familiar with this issue. Thank you for your post.

    1. Hi there Kathy! One site I go to is http://www.lowthyroiddiet.com. It seems when you cook the foods that are listed, they are better for you than eating raw. At one time, I belonged to a Facebook Group, that addressed the “goitrogen” thing, but I cannot remember what the name of the group was. It might have been a hypo thyroid group. Let me know if that site helps you or if you are able to find a Facebook group. I’ll research my notes and see if I can find which group it was because it was very helpful. Thanks for the comment and have a great day!!

  2. The iodine in the kelp noodles and sea vegetables are probably the main reason your TSH is down. The same thing happened to my son when he started eating a lot of salmon.

    Dr Brownstein has some books out on Thyroid disorders and Iodine and why we need iodine not just for our thyroids but for overall health.

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