Why Fruit Is Important!

Have you read the book “Food As Medicine“? In the post “The Importance Of Eating Vegetables!” I mentioned the chapter “Vegetables As Medicine”. It turns out that there are quite a few benefits of eating fruit too!

The entire book is packed FULL of interesting information and the video below shows some of the benefits of fruit!

Check it out:

To recap:

  • Berries contain effective phytonutrients for the health of the eyes, brain, heart, and immune system.
  • Blueberries contain the highest antioxidant capability.
  • Bilberries increase blood circulation to the retina.
  • Cranberries contain the phytonutrient ellagic acid, a potent antioxidant and cancer fighter.
  • Apples contain a multitude of phytonutrients, including quercetin, which is found inside the apple and in its skin.
  • Bananas are also useful to treat ulcers.
  • Pineapple contains Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme.

 What kind of fruit to you eat? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Why Fruit Is Important!

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