Having Friendships May Increase Longevity!

Do you have many friends and a healthy social life, or are you alone most of the time? Maybe somewhere in between?

Some folks are alone quite frequently, which can cause anxiety. Someone once told me that anxiety is all about connections, or lack of.

Personally, I feel happier when I know I have a network of friends around and plans, because I always have something to look forward to, even if it’s just a walk or a cup of coffee.

The Huffington Post reports that “the positive effect of regular social contact to a persons’ health is about as strong as the effect of blood pressure, smoking, alcohol habits, obesity, and eating a healthy diet“. Having friendships may increase longevity.  A network of good friends is more likely than close family relationships to increase longevity in older people”. 

Many times, we HAVE a friend network, but then we move away or they all move away. What is one supposed to do when that happens?

If you are not sure HOW to get connected here are some ways of making new friends:

  • Join Meetup.com. There are so many groups close your neighborhood that you can be a part of. Just get online and create a profile, select some groups that you like, and go to the planned events. Remember there are other people that are in the same boat and would like to make friends too!
  • Join GirlfriendCircles.com. This is for women to meet other women with similar interests.
  • Join a church and go frequently. Someone is bound to talk to you. 🙂
  • Get active in your community.
  • If a friend invites you to a party, go! You might meet “new” friends with similar interests.
  • Register for 5/10K walks/runs and find someone to walk with.
  • Volunteer.
  • Take A Class.
  • Meet people at work and go for coffee or out to lunch.
  • Join a local book club. Warning: This WILL require READING. LOL
  • Become a regular at a coffee shop, and strike up some conversations.

You might even want to create and hand out a “business type” card with your name, email, and picture on it.

A good healthy living and wellness plan includes having an active social life. Check out the post “What is Wellness?” Friendships and connections are great for our well-being!

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