Organize Photos Using A Digital Picture Frame!

Organize Photos Using A Digital Picture Frame!

If you are like us, you have tons of digital photos. They are probably stored on your tablets, smart phones and computers, right?

What to do with all of those photos?

In “6 New Ideas For Your Digital Photos” I mentioned a digital picture frame for storing photos. Instead of buying separate frames for all of our photos and cluttering our walls, we purchased ONE Frame to store all of our pictures.

Digital picture frames don’t all look the same.  They come in many colors and are even available in metal, plastic and wood. It’s a small LCD monitor that’s designed to look like a conventional picture frame. They can be hung on a wall or can stand on a table.

The Micca Digital Picture Frame that we purchased has a remote control and an SD card to store photos on. All you do is plug the card in, turn on the frame, and it plays a slideshow. Ours plays 24/7 and whenever I walk by, I can view it. It also plays videos and music as it has built in speakers.

You could purchase a couple of them and place in different rooms. This way your memories are always with you.

Do you have pictures hanging on the walls or do you have a digital picture frame? Please leave a comment.

Here’s where we got ours.

TOPIC: Organize Photos Using A Digital Picture Frame!

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