Achieve Your Daily FitBit Goal by Doing These 8 Common Things!

Achieve Your Daily FitBit Goal by Doing These 8 Common Things!

Are you obsessed with counting steps on your FitBit?  If so, you are not alone!

FitBits are wonderful tools for tracking steps at the gym or even exercising away from the gym and you can track your progress using the app that syncs with all devices.

The Charge 2 FitBit is what I have because it fits smaller wrists and it also tracks your heart rate which previous versions do not do.

My hubby has the Blaze FitBit which he loves because it’s got a bigger face and looks better on a larger wrist.

If you are not quite at your goal, whether its 10, 15 or 20,000 steps, here are 8 easy ways to add steps to your Fitbit to help achieve your daily goal:

  1. Vacuum Your Entire House
  2. Mow The Lawn
  3. Walk Your Dogs
  4. Wash The Car
  5. Shop At A Mall
  6. Shop at Costco or Ikea
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Attend a Large sporting event or concert

It’s surprising how many steps you can accumulate, while doing activities other than focused exercise.

We like to volunteer at Clatsop County Animal shelter by walking the dogs. It’s definitely a win win as the dogs get fresh air, exercise and lots of love and we get steps!!  Check out “1 Ridiculously Easy Way To Not Only Help Dogs, but To Add Fitbit Steps!“.

Here’s where you can get a Fitbit of your very own.

How do YOU add FitBit steps? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Achieve Your Daily FitBit Goal by Doing These 8 Common Things!

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