Best Way To Exercise Your Dog, Indoors!

Best Way To Exercise Your Dog, Indoors!

We live where it rains and snows and sometimes it’s too cold and wet to take the dogs for a walk!

Do you have this issue too?

If your dog is on the heavy side, this is probably the best exercise to lose weight, if you can’t go outside. Dogs need exercise for their general health, like humans.

Both of our dogs are trained to use the treadmill. Watch Schatzie in the video below.

If your dog is injured, you might want to look into Underwater Treadmill Therapy too!

We all want our dogs to be healthy, so in addition to physical fitness, make sure your dog’s diet is loaded with healthy nutrition.

Do your dogs like to exercise? Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Best Way To Exercise Your Dog, Indoors!

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2 thoughts on “Best Way To Exercise Your Dog, Indoors!

  1. Anne Marie says:

    This is great for those who live in cold climates and have dogs! Looks like the dog likes it too!

  2. This is terrific! I think Lexie would love to learn how to walk on the treadmill. Can’t wait for you to show me how to teach her.

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