Why You May Need An Elimination Diet!

Boy with a stomach ache.

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or stomach aches and are puzzled by what it might be?  You might be allergic to certain types of foods and don’t even know it.

Many people are allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, or gluten which can manifest as loose bowels or headaches.

In order to start to determine what you are allergic to, you might want to consult with your health care provider about trying an elimination diet. Dr. Axe says “The main reason for doing an elimination diet is to pinpoint exactly which foods are the culprits for digestive and other health-related issues when someone is experiencing ongoing symptoms, and she can’t seem to figure out what’s causing them”. 

For example, if you are having sneezing, wheezing or loose bowels, you may be allergic to dairy foods.

In order to possibly determine whether you have an allergy to dairy, you might want to go without it for a week and see if your symptoms improve.

  • Keep a journal of what you are eating and see if you make progress.
  • Once a week has gone by, slowly add things back in one at a time to see if you feel symptoms again.
  • If you suspect other foods might be causing your issues, try the same process with those foods.

If you think you are experiencing other types of allergies, see my blog post “Create An Allergy Action Plan“.

A healthy living program should include controlling your allergies, whether it’s environmental or food allergies.

If you are experiencing any type of discomfort, please contact your healthcare provider.

TOPIC: Why You May Need An Elimination Diet!


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