6 New Ideas For Your Digital Photos!

6 New Ideas For Your Digital Photos!

Recently I sent a combo of OLD slides and old photos, 1050 of them to be exact, to get scanned and downloaded onto DVDs.

Not only did I get the DVD and all of my originals mailed back to me, they also gave me online access! I paid $35 for each set of 350 photos/slides. I couldn’t be happier.

Out of a few of the photos, I created a few motivational slides and also shared photos with old friends and family members.

H ere are some other ideas for digital photos:

  1. Make an online scrapbook. I’ve actually made a couple scrapbooks and in the middle of making another!
  2. Create a jigsaw puzzle and give as a gift. What a fun thing to receive!
  3. Organize photos using a digital frame.
  4. Create coffee mugs or mousepads, these also make great gifts.
  5. Create canvas prints.
  6. Create magnets for your refrigerator.

There are so many options when it comes to photos.

What fun projects do YOU create with digital photos? Leave a comment!

TOPIC: 6 New Ideas For Your Digital Photos!

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