Using An Exercise Mat Is Great For Developing Core Strength!

Essential Exercise Equipment You Can Take Almost Anywhere!

Do you do stretching exercises, Pilates, yoga or meditation? Check out the mat that I use for exercising:

Health and Fitness is important! What I discovered through the years is that stretching should be incorporated into workout routines, no matter how boring it is! I wish I would’ve learned this earlier in life!

Great For Lower Back Exercises!

Many people use a yoga mat to relax on. Yoga mats are very convenient, but I have a hardwood floor and need something a little thicker especially when I’m performing core exercises!

It Folds In Half!

Not only is the Everlast workout mat thick enough to protect your body, it also folds in half and has a handle, which makes for easy storage. Using this mat has been instrumental for my recovery from injuries.

Balance On One Foot!

Besides stretching on it, I also use it for cushion when doing lunges with the Functional trainer as well as standing on it, balancing on one foot. I bet you’d like to see that, huh? LOL

Core strength is so important and that’s why I love my Everlast exercise mat. Here’s where you can purchase one in blue or black on Amazon.

TOPIC: Using An Exercise Mat Is Great For Developing Core Strength!

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