How to Declutter and Organize Your Home!

How to Declutter and Organize Your Home!

As I mentioned in a recent post, The Journey to Obtaining a Clutter Free House, I read a great eBook on vacation called Live More, Want Less“.

When we returned from vacation, I spent 3 days going through our entire house and could not believe some of the OLD stuff I found. I immediately donated 10 -15 large boxes of STUFF that was hiding in our closets, cabinets, drawers, and pantry! What an undertaking!

I also donated more than 100 clothing items, which was difficult, but it HAD TO BE DONE! Some of this stuff actually came with me from California in 1993! I don’t know why I kept it for so long. Out of sight, out of mind perhaps.  So far, Mark has made at least 5 trips to the Goodwill.

For a quick laugh, watch the video below. By the way, my tap dancing skills suck!


Do you find that you have a lot of clutter in your house? What items would you find it hard to part with? Leave a comment below.

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