3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core!

3 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core!

In “Using An Exercise Mat Is Great For Developing Core Strength” you can see the thick mat that I actually perform core exercises on! Check out the video below to see MY routine.

Do you have a routine to strengthen your core? Recently, I was told that I have a very week core, hence a couple years of back pain.

Make Sure You Do It Correctly!

My personal trainer showed me three exercises that are relatively easy to do, if done correctly. If not done correctly, the result could be more back pain.

Eating and exercising are all part of health and fitness. Stretching should be included and it should be done correctly!

Consult With Your PT!

Of course, these exercises were tailored to MY injury. If you are having back pain, You may need to consult with a PT, or family doctor, to get a routine that fits your particular situation.

This Everlast exercise mat is fantastic. I love it especially because I have hard floors! Here’s where you can purchase one in blue or black on Amazon.

TOPIC: 3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core!

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  1. I find a lot a great information and things that I can use. The exercises are simple and easy to do making it a breeze to get through daily.

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