The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil And The Many Uses!

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil And The Many Uses!

Move over iPad, there’s a new kid in town!  COCONUT OIL!  It seems that everyone is in a rush to buy some. After hearing about all of the “health benefits” of coconut oil, I was determined to add it to MY wellness regimen!  I drove to the grocery store and expected to find long lines.  HA!  Actually, there were no lines, AND it was on sale.  Did you happen to buy some too?

Personally, I never knew the incredible health benefits of coconut oil, as I always thought anything with coconut was fatty and stayed away from it. Apparently, I should have used coconut oil a long time ago.

I normally don’t normally cook with oil, but when I do, it’s usually Coconut Oil or Macadamia Nut Oil. They can both withstand high temperatures and are full of Omega 3s. For now, we include it in our daily oatmeal.  Watch the video below:

If you haven’t experienced the health benefits of coconut oil yet, try this yummy oatmeal recipe or as I call it, “daily morning dessert”:

Mix into bowl:
1 tsp Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 tbsp Almond butter
1/4 cup Berries
1/8 cup Raisins
1/8 cup Slivered Almonds
Sprinkle of cinnamon
1/2 cup of oatmeal (not the quick cooking kind)

Once mixed, add hot water, cover, and let sit for 20 minutes.

Here are some of the MANY health benefits of Coconut Oil:

Boosts immune system
Improves heart health
Helps the thyroid
Improves energy
Improves digestion
Good for your skin
Anti-Inflammatory providing Natural Pain Relief
Full of anti-oxidants
Helps the body heal faster

Because of the amazing health benefits of coconut oil, people are adding it to energy shakes, waffles and some even make dog toothpaste!  It’s true!  I saw a recipe mixing baking soda and coconut oil to make dog toothpaste.  Mmmmmm…delicious!  Others recognize the health benefits of coconut oil by using as moisturizer or even using it as a diaper creme for babies. I even hear that there is a coconut oil based car wax. It’s true!  You can strengthen your nails with it, use it as a deodorant, and you can even use it as “shaving cream”.  My question, “What CAN’T you use it for”?

Bake with it, put it on your skin, or eat it right from the spoon!

Bake with it, put it on your skin, or eat it right from the spoon. It can even be used as a replacement for butter and margarine. Some people just eat it right from the spoon, kind of like I eat peanut butter. The recommended amount of coconut oil to be taken each day is about 3 tbsp, or 1 tbsp per meal. Coconut oil which is solid at room temperature can be stored easily for a longer duration. To me, it looks like Crisco oil, but more solid. Unlike Crisco, this stuff is actually good for you. LOL

The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil have agents that are effective against fungi, viruses and many bacteria. Research suggests that coconut oil kills Candida. It contains Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids, which help prevent Candida overgrowth and strengthens the immune system. This is some MIGHTY POWERFUL OIL, wouldn’t you say?

Have you seen the Alzheimer’s video yet?

Have you watched the amazing video about the health benefits of coconut oil and Alzheimer’s?  It’s truly unbelievable! What a story! After watching the Alzheimer’s video, I thought hmmmm…we could use more of this stuff.  I found huge tubs of coconut oil here on Amazon because right now I only have the one little jar and it’s almost GONE!  Do YOU buy your coconut oil in bulk?

Are YOU as amazed at I am about all the many health benefits of coconut oil?  What do YOU use coconut oil for?  Do you eat it, wear it, or use it for something else that I’m unaware of?  Leave a comment below!

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15 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil And The Many Uses!

  1. Hi Kim

    If you are putting frozen berries in, how do you store this until use? Also, do you know how many calories, etc. this has?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Janet, I store it in the refrigerator. I don’t have the calorie count. Thanks for commenting! Kim

  2. Love coconut oil, but waay to expensive to use as shaving cream or car wax. haha

    Also its supposed to prevent the inflammatory effects of alcohol — take 1 teaspoon full on your drinking night.

  3. Where did you buy the coconut oil from? Trader Joes? and what Brand is it?

    1. I bought it online from Amazon. There is a link at the bottom of the post!

  4. I would put the berries in when ready to use it

    1. Sure, you can do that too!

  5. Hi Kim,
    Its great to see someone so interested in good health and passing on what she learns to others.
    I would like to add something to you post about coconut oil if I may. You are correct in that it is a very healthy oil, which is why we use it and coconut sugar in some of our cookies at Everyday Gourmet Bakery; but the kind of oil you choose is also important. In order to make sure you are getting all of the health benefits of coconut oil you must choose an unprocessed Organic Virgin Coconut oil. This type has not been denatured, heated or sourced from genetically modified coconuts. It has been extracted through a cold process which retains all of the nutrients. You can use the other types of oil to cook with like stir frying or frying but these will not give you the same nutrients that the organic virgin type will. I hope this is beneficial to your followers.

    1. Hi Charlene, thanks for the helpful comment! Have a great day!

  6. You always come up with the greatest ideas. I’ll have to try some of your suggestions.

    1. Let me know if you try the coconut oil. It’s still in my oatmeal everyday!

  7. I mixed one tablespoon of coconut oil with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter and used a tablespoon of the mixture on my whole wheat waffles with sliced banana for breakfast.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the calorie count is for the peanut butter/coconut oil?

  8. I went out yesterday and bought some coconut oil, and made this oatmeal for breakfast, very good!! Do you have more recipes for using coconut oil?

    1. Hi Amy, glad you enjoyed the recipe. I don’t have any more Coconut Oil recipes as of yet, but there are many out there. If you find a healthy one, please share. Happy New Year! Kim

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