Nothing Like Waking Up To A Clean Kitchen!

So, you’ve bought and assembled all the delicious food, cleaned the entire house, with specific focus on the kitchen and powder room, and you’ve set up all the music and games!

It’s time for a party!

What’s more fun than having a party with your closest friends?  Some you haven’t seen for a while and it’s great to catch up and some you see all the time and continue to have good times.

Everyone at the party is having so much fun eating, drinking and laughing. What could be better, right?

Speaking of eating, check out this handy salad that I sometimes bring to parties at “Perfect Protein Salad On The Road“. It’s delicious!

After a couple hours your friends offer to clean up, and attempt to do so, but of course you happily refuse! “No, no, no don’t worry about it, we will do it, no worries!”  You so appreciate your friends willingness to help though!

The party starts to wind down and slowly people are making their exits.

What a blast that was!  Now, the fun begins!  Wait a minute, let me ask a question. Do you wait until the next morning to clean or do you clean right when the last person is gone?

We actually refuse to go to bed after the last guest leaves! Check out the video below!

Part of our healthy living habits & routines includes cleaning the entire kitchen, after a party, even if it takes hours!

Every dish must be loaded into the dishwasher, and all counter tops must be empty and clean before we go to bed.

The worst thing to do is to wake up to a dirty kitchen!  The best thing is to wake up to is a sparkling clean kitchen full of happy memories!

What’s your preference?

TOPIC: Nothing Like Waking Up To A Clean Kitchen!

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