Protect Your Back: How To Get Out Of A Chair!

Protect Your Back: How To Get Out Of A Chair!

Getting up from a chair sounds easy doesn’t it? Sure it seems easy enough, but do you do it the correct way?

As mentioned in “Sitting Disease: How Water Can help“, sitting too long could help contribute to becoming disabled later in life.

By the way, if you do actually get up every hour, congratulations. That’s the first step!

It Will Protect Your Back!

Speaking of sitting, did you know that there is a proper way of getting up from getting up from a chair, that will keep you from hurting your lower back? Watch the video below.


I have been in Physical Therapy for a while now and most of us don’t stand up from a sitting position the correct way.

It WILL Become A Habit!

It took a while to get used to the habit of getting up this way, but once you do it for awhile, it really does become a habit.

Lower back exercises and core exercises are great for strengthening your lower back , and getting up from a chair the correct way is also key.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about bending your knees, which also saves your back.

Do YOU get out of your chair the correct way and has it helped your back? Leave a comment!

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