Breaking News: Core Exercises Really Work!

Breaking News: Core Exercises Really Work!

In my last post “3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core” I demonstrated three core exercises that helped me heal from injuries.

We know that we all need to develop our core strength! In this video, I will show lunging core exercises that I do with a functional trainer.

Health and fitness are so important especially if you are interested in longevity. Strengthening the core can prevent future injuries or help you heal from current injuries!

Not only can we perform lunging core exercises with the functional trainer, but we also can work on strengthening our entire body.

What’s very cool is that a functional trainer can fit in a corner of a room or in a small space. You don’t need to go to a gym to have a full body workout!

I use the functional trainer almost every day and it’s one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Here’s some information on where to get your own functional trainer.

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