Ways To Relieve Stress: Fun Brain Games!

Another Way To Relieve Stress!

This is going to sound strange, but if I’m extremely stressed or sad, I pull out the iPad and play fun brain games. Have YOU ever tried this as a way of relieving stress? If I’m in a place where I can’t use my iPad, I use my iTouch.  You can use whatever tablet or smartphone you might have. I’m not kidding, this really does help reduce stress and it’s a good way to have fun with your family and friends.

My “go to” fun brain games are:

  • Sudoku
  • Words With Friends
  • What’s The Phrase
  • Scramble With Friends
  • Draw Something
  • Word Mania

Long Periods Of Concentration Not Required!

These things truly helped me when I was grieving. I had trouble for months concentrating, as I mentioned in my blog post “Grieving While Attempting To Stay Well“.  These games don’t require me to concentrate for long periods of time like writing a blog post or reading a book.

Short Concentration Works Better During Stress!

For me, short concentration periods help a great deal. It takes my mind off of things, and doesn’t require any important decisions. These games work the brain, so that’s an added bonus too!

Other Ways To Relieve Stress!

Besides, fun brain games, there are other ways to relieve stress like exercising with cardio and weights! Healthy Nutrition is also important to keep your head on straight.

What’s your go-to plan when you are dealing with stress?

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TOPIC: Ways To Relieve Stress: Fun Brain Games!

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