Cozy Throw Blankets Make Naps More Enjoyable!

Cozy Throw Blankets Make Naps More Enjoyable!

Do you like to crawl onto your couch at night and snuggle into a good throw blanket, especially on a cold winter evening?

Over the years, we’ve had several throws on the couch, some purchased, some homemade. Most collect dog hair or they are the wrong size, or both.

One day we were shopping at Costco and noticed a pretty green throw blanket, called “Life Comfort”. My first thought was, do we really need yet ANOTHER throw blanket? Not really, but it was so pretty and soft. We bought it.

Let me tell you, it’s THE best throw ever. Why? Because it’s large, soft, luxurious, pretty color AND the best thing…it repels dog hair. That’s right, I said it. It repels dog hair.

It’s so cozy that every time I use it, I want to take a nap. Seriously, it’s that great!

Check out the video below of the blanket throw:

We liked this throw blanket so much, we bought a couple more and tossed the others. Naps are much more enjoyable now. If you are a fan of naps, check out my post “Happy National Napping Day”.

I didn’t used to take naps. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Long or frequent naps might interfere with nighttime sleep “, which is what I’ve experienced. I take short ones earlier in the day, how about you?

Here’s a pretty blue Life Comfort throw from Amazon:

How do you get cozy at home? Please comment!

TOPIC: Cozy Throw Blankets Make Naps More Enjoyable!

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