Best Kitchen Gadgets!

What kind of kitchen gadgets can you NOT live without? Gadgets are handy for the kitchen and save lots of time if you have the right ones. I think the Vitamix is worn out now, as we’ve used it at least twice a week.

Here’s a list of my favorite gadgets that we organize our kitchen with!

Gadgets I Recommend!

The Vitamix is great for making Chia Pudding and green drinks, we pour the contents right into the blender bottles.

The Soyabella is the most easy way we found to make home made almond milk, and it’s delicious!

The spriral slicer is wonderful for making zucchini pasta or a rainbow salad with beets.

I discovered Xtrema ceramic pans when I was doing research of the safest and best pans to use. There has been a lot of talk about loss of memory resulting from using cast iron skillets as well as anything with aluminum. These pans are a bit spendy, but they cook the food well and are gorgeous and easy to wash and use.

The jar opener is so much nicer than running the jar under hot water or banging the jar on the counter or floor (how many of you have done that?). Me too!

The Magic Bullet is a lot smaller and nice if you want to make a single serving drink, maybe an anti-inflammatory blueberry drink.

These are my favorite gadgets that I can’t live without. What are YOUR favorite gadgets? Please leave a comment.

Topic: Best Kitchen Gadgets!

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