Why Being On Time Is Important!

Why Being On Time Is Important!

At one time or another all of us are late to an event, due to unforeseen circumstances.

I’m the leader of a couples meetup group and plan several events a month.

It’s truly appreciated when folks are respectful enough to show up on time or even early, especially if the group is hungry and reservations were made in advance.

In addition to having positive impacts on your personal well-being, punctuality has huge benefits for your career and personal relationships, as I mention in my book “Get It Done: 51 Habits, Routines, Tips, and Tools to Organize Your Life“.

Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living sums up the positive impact that being on time can have in your life:

  • You show respect for the Person in your life.
  • You respect yourself enough to keep your word.
  • You prove that you can be trustworthy.
  • You are appreciated for being on time.
  • You are regarded as a reliable person.
  • You are seen as a professional.
  • You are taken seriously and on your word.
  • You build a strong reputation for your character.
  • You open doors and attract more opportunities to yourself.
  • You eliminate stress from your life by removing the anxiety of being late.
  • You do the right thing and feel good about it.

Go out of your way to be on time!

If you’re a chronically late person, it will feel like you’re going out of your way. You’ll convince yourself that it won’t take that long to get through traffic when it will actually add fifteen minutes to your drive, or that it only takes five minutes to do your hair and make-up, when it actually takes ten.

Account for all the little things that might hold you back.

Schedule them, plan for them to take longer than you want them to, and then leave your house before you think you really have to.

You’ll be on time—or maybe a little early—and it’ll feel good to both you and the people you’re meeting.  Check out “9 Ways To Organize Your Time.”

Of course, there are those who purposely show up fashionably late, or feel the need to make a grand entrance. Personally, that’s not my thing.

TOPIC: Why Being On Time Is Important!

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2 thoughts on “Why Being On Time Is Important!

  1. You must not have a 4-year-old. I don’t care how hard you try to get out the door on time, it’s impossible. My favorite saying for this is ” It’s like trying to herd cats”.
    I appreciate and understand your take on it. Maybe someday I’ll be on time again. Lol

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