9 Reasons You May Need ANT Therapy!

Why YOU May Need A.N.T. Therapy!

Today I wanted to talk to you about ANTS. No, not the kind you find at picnics or your uncles wife. ANT stands for “Automatic Negative Thinking”.

I’ve read the book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Amen. I’m sure you’ve seen him on TV.

What’s ANT Therapy?

I found a section in the book about about ANT therapy. Again, ANT Stands for “Automatic Negative Thinking” ANT Therapy is about turning your negatives into positives. I admit that sometimes when I’m not feeling well, which is rarely, I display negative behavior. It’s not PRETTY!

Let me explain what the ANT Species are.

ANT Species:

1. “Always” thinking: thinking in words like always, never, no-one, every-one, every-time, everything.
2. Focusing on the negative: only seeing the bad in a situation.
3. Fortune telling: predicting the worst possible outcome to a situation.
4. Mind reading: believing that you know what another person is thinking, even though they haven’t told you.
5. Thinking with your feelings: believing negative feelings without ever questioning them.
6. Guilt beatings: thinking in words like “should, must, ought or have to.”
7. Labeling: attaching a negative label to yourself or to someone else.
8. Personalization: innocuous events are taken to have personal meaning.
9. Blame: blaming someone else for your own problems.

You can also, check out Dr. Amen’s video below:

As I mentioned in “What You Eat Affects Your Brain”  a lot of what you eat can effect your mood!

Print The List!

If you find you are experiencing ANT symptoms, it might be helpful for you to print this out and keep it with you. Dr. Amen says whenever you notice an ANT entering your mind, train yourself to recognize it and write it down.

Talk Back To Them!

When you write down automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and talk back to them, you begin to take away their power and gain control over your moods. Kill the ANTs by feeding your emotional anteater.

Do you have any of these ANTS floating around in your head? What do you do?

TOPIC: Why YOU May Need A.N.T. Therapy!

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