13 Things To Do On Your Lunch Break!

13 Things To Do On Your Lunch Break!Do YOU work from home? I work from home now, and do enjoy it, but miss working in an office sometimes.

I don’t miss the commute when it’s raining, but when it’s not, I miss the drive. I also miss the social aspect of working in an office.

Get It Done At Lunch Time!

One thing I looked forward to each day was lunchtime. I used to get so much done at lunch time and it was very productive.

In “How To Organize Your Life, At Night” I mentioned getting everything ready the night before because it saves a ton of time.

Avoid Heavy Traffic!

Another way to save time is to “get things done” during your lunch break. This way you can avoid heavy traffic on the way home, and have a nice relaxing drive.

It’s amazing what you can get done in an hour! If you’d like a good chuckle, watch the video below!

Here are some of the things I used to do on MY lunch break!

  • Take A Walk
  • Catch Up On Reading
  • Hit the Nail Salon
  • Go To A Doctor’s Appointment
  • Gas Up The Car
  • Go Grocery Shopping
  • Take A Nap
  • Eat Lunch
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Check and Respond to Personal Email
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Get A Haircut
  • Pay Bills

One thing I used to do was to hit the grocery store before work. I’d put the groceries in my car and if there were a couple of small items that needed refrigeration, I’d just put them in my company frig.

It Was Quick!

I loved going grocery shopping early in the morning as there was no one in the store and it was quick.

Gas Up The Tank!

Another thing I used to do was fill up my gas tank on the way to work. Again, no crowds!

On the other hand if you can’t leave your desk, you might want to try guided meditation for a little stress relief.

What do YOU do on your lunch hour? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 13 Things To Do On Your Lunch Break!

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7 Responses to “13 Things To Do On Your Lunch Break!”

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Good suggestions. If you do 4 or 5 at them at once while at the computer, do you get extra points? :-)

    • Kim Gonzales says:

      Not only do you get extra points, but you get a gold medal! :) Thanks for the comment Anne Marie!

  2. susan white says:

    If I wasn’t going to lunch with friends, I found it best to hit the grocery store, saving time after work when the market was crowded with everyone else!

  3. Linda says:

    Great reminders of all the little things that can be done in a short amount of time. Thanks EnergyFitGirl!

  4. Teresa says:

    My co-workers actually tease me about how much I get done in an hour. During my lunch break I often pick up dry cleaning and prescriptions, shop for gifts, pay bills, schedule social gathers, catch up on calls and texts, and even get in a 15 minute power nap now and then.

    • Kim Gonzales says:

      Thanks for the comment, Teresa! Wow, you get a lot done! Love the dry cleaning and prescriptions and especially the power nap!

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